Tima Crew Board Members

We would like to introduce the new TIMA Crew Board for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year!

Some of our goals for this school year will include additional forms of communication and forming committees for parent volunteers.  We encourage all parents to participate in The Crew and look forward to working together.  Please use this email if you have direct questions or ideas for us.  We encourage your feedback!  timacrew31328@gmail.com.


Susie Waterstreet Glauner, President    

Susie is fairly new to the TIMA family, arriving in Savannah in 2014.  She is the proud mother of two boys, the older of whom (Sam) is entering third grade at TIMA this year, and the younger, (Ryan) is entering Kindergarten.  She relocated with husband Mark for a position at Gulfstream from St. Mary’s County in southern Maryland.  Susie holds a BA in English and Minor in German from the Pennsylvania State University, where she focused on honing a strong rhetorical writing skill as well as assisting peers develop their writing abilities within the Center for Excellence in Writing.  She has worked professionally in marketing, events, communications and business management for small businesses in the DC area.  In addition, she was a freelance writer for various organizations including Southern Maryland This is Living magazine.  She has also served on the board of the Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra and Choir and participated in various volunteer roles in the DC and southern Maryland area.  She is excited to bring energy, creativity, and communication expertise to the TIMA Crew and great families of TIMA.  

Amanda Wilder, Vice President

Amanda has lived in Savannah for 10 years, having grown up in Kentucky.  She and her husband, Ben, have one daughter, Emily, who will be entering the 3rd grade at TIMA this year.  Amanda works as a Mental Health Therapist for families and adolescents, and has always loved working with youth.  Amanda has served 1.5 years on TIMA Crew and is excited to be back for another year, where she enjoys getting to connect with other families and hoping to bridge the gap between parents and staff at TIMA.  She also hopes to help engage new families this year and encourage more involvement from the TIMA parent body.  Amanda and her family love TIMA because of its hands-on learning approach, the dedication of the staff, and the size of the school.

Cindy Pederson, Secretary

Cindy has been in Savannah for 7 years. Her family moved here 7 years ago from Chicago. She currently has three children at TIMA. Her sons are in fifth and third grade and a daughter in first grade. They have been at TIMA since 2013 and are huge fans of the school. She is a yoga teacher at Savannah Yoga Barre and the Talahi community center, teaching all ages, kids included. She wanted to join the Crew to help support the school, teachers, and students. She loves the teaching model and student focus of the school.

Meridith Bucklin, Treasurer

Yes…I’m a playa!

Jennifer Benson, Events

Jennifer and her family are new to the Savannah area. Her family of four relocated from Tennessee when her husband took a position working for the county as the Safety Director. Jennifer has been so blessed to be a stay at home mom. Now that they are older, Jennifer enjoys volunteering her time at her children’s schools (it must be that Tennessee Vols orange blood in her). Her daughter is a Freshman at Savannah Arts Academy and her son is a 5th grader at TIMA. This will be her families second year being part of the TIMA community, and she looks forward to helping make this the best year yet!

Katy Schubert, Fundraising

Katy would like to help TIMA formulate quality relationships with local maritime companies. She foresees this evolving over the years and, hopefully, providing an endowment for projects.

Jenifer Suarez, Membership

Acts like summer & walks like rain.

Tara Kelsey, Communications/Vice-President

Tara is beginning her 3rd year as a TIMA mom to a 2nd grader, and is super excited about the upcoming school year. She is a performing and cultural arts professional with a background in administration and education. She works for the Massie Heritage Center, the Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens, and as a virtual assistant. She volunteers her time in the classroom and with the Tybee Island branch of the Live Oak Public Library. Tara is excited to contribute her talents to the Crew and TIMA families.

Noel Ingram, Teacher Liasion

Future teen idol. Social media schoar.  Bacon junkie.  Hipster-friendly coffee fanatic.