Tima Crew Board Members

We would like to introduce the new TIMA Crew Board for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year!

Some of our goals for this school year will include additional forms of communication and forming committees for parent volunteers.  We encourage all parents to participate in The Crew and look forward to working together.  Please use this email if you have direct questions or ideas for us.  We encourage your feedback!  timacrew31328@gmail.com.


Tara Kelsey, President & Communications

Jenifer Suarez, Vice President & Membership

Meridith Bucklin, Secretary

Wendy Hicks, Treasurer

Stephanie Nick, Events

Katy Schubert, Fundraising

Noel Ingram, Teacher Liasion

Vani Cornelius, Member-at-large

Amie Nixon, Member-at-large

Jennifer Turner, Member-at-large

Leigh Ann Williams, Member-at-large