The Shirts Have Arrived!!!

The CREW can not say enough thank yous to everyone who purchased Spirit Wear Shirts this year.  We had a couple of bumps to get them to you (I’m looking at you, Irma!), but they arrived and everyone seems to be pleased.  And, because we believe communication with our parents is so very important, here are  few comments we heard from you:

Thanks to the CREW and all the tshirt peps! – Margaret

The back logo is kinda simple and boring, but color is gorgeous!! – Natasha

I was torn between logo and color-absolutely love that turquoise-but really liked TIMA stingray on the back-Comfort and fit we’re fine but I sort of expected it to be for a T-shirt 🙂 – Tracy

I really love the crew shirts. I love that the schools logo is on them! – Angela

I love that the design is on the back. – Kappy

We got them today. They are so cute! Thank you so much! – Miranda

TIMA Crew this year has been great and so very organized!!! Thanks for all your hard work!  – Ms. O’Connor

Ok, ok, I know that last comment wasn’t specifically about the shirts, but I couldn’t help throwing that in.  We feel very lucky to have a great group of parents on the Crew this year who are all working very hard to make this year a great experience for you.

BTW…Our first Spirit Wear Day is this Friday, September 29th.  Students who have a Spirit Shirt may dress out of uniform and wear their khakis, shorts or jeans.

AS ALWAYS…. feel free to contact us, send us comments, suggestions, and ideas via e-mail at or on any of our blog posts.


The Calm After the Storm

Welcome back this week, to our TIMA family.

I sincerely hope that everyone managed to get through the storm and the cleanup with the help of friends and neighbors. I’ve had a number of families reach out to me to ask if there is anything we can do for families who were impacted more severely, and I am in contact with our administrators to see what can be done. Please stay tuned!

We all know our community is tiny yet mighty, and there is nothing that can break our spirit. #tybeestrong! That being said, I also hope we have all taken a moment to allow ourselves a deep breath and to process this experience. Even if Irma didn’t hit us with as much as she could have, we have all gone through something significant.

As our family prepared for evacuation, my boys were first excited that there was no school and that we would be visiting cousins in Charlotte. My husband and I fine-tuned our Hurricane Matthew evacuation list (we should really save it in the computer!) and gathered computers, family photos (really need to scan those!) and our vital documents (at least we got the box for that!). Choosing what items in your home are essential is a truly remarkable experience. Growing up in the Midwest, my greatest threat was a tornado touch down—an event one gets little to no warning beforehand. And, if you are unlucky enough to have a tornado strike your home, you have only the opportunity to recover afterward. But hurricanes are much different. You know a hurricane is coming and you can physically prepare, but how do you mentally and emotionally prepare? How do you prepare your children?

We tried to be realistic with our boys, when they asked if our house would still be standing after the storm. We explained that we would keep an eye on the storm’s track and all we could do is hope for the best. We had what was most important to us—each other (and the dog!), and the rest could be replaced. That answer seemed to satisfy them in the moment, but we were unsure whether it helped them process what they were experiencing.

After returning to (thankfully!) no damage, my Kindergartner raced inside to make a card for his best friend a few doors down. It read, “Happy Surviving the Giant Killing Hurricane Irma!” He delivered it with joy and enthusiasm. She returned in kind with a card that read, “Irma wouldn’t go away. Thank you world for saving my house. I would have been dead.” While they hugged and then jumped on bikes to discuss their separate “hurrications,” we chuckled at their stark summation of the weekend followed by their immediate recovery: “High-fives for not dying! Wanna go play now?” And yet, I couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t something we could have done to reassure them more. We were so fortunate this time, but I know how easily the result could have been so, so different.

Certainly we have faith for reassurance—faith in each other, faith in our community, spirituality and institutions, faith in our ability to recover, and faith that storms will pass and we will move forward together. I have faith in our little TIMA school community, and that is certainly a reassurance to me. I know if one of our families needs help we are all here to deliver it.

Though it seems a bit surreal, we return to school this week and try to get things back on a normal track. If you or your family is in need of any extra support—a meal, childcare, carpooling, cleaning or home repairs, please reach out if you are comfortable. There are so many people who want to help and try to make the recovery process easier. You can email the CREW at or you can contact me at 202-253-2952.

Thanks for being my community,

Susie Waterstreet Glauner

P.S.  How did you all talk to your children about the storm? About the aftermath? Did you find that anything in particular gave them comfort? Or comforted you?  Please share that with us in the comment section.

Used Book Sale

Our popular annual Used Children’s Book Sale is upon us! If you have given your little ones dollar bills to purchase books for this event, you know the routine. But, for those that are newbies, here are a few 411’s according to our Events Coordinator, Jennifer Benson, that might be of useful:
1. We are looking for children’s books in good condition.
2. Last year, older siblings loved buying for younger ones, so don’t forget to send picture and board books.
3. This year we will accept puzzles and games (educational prefered) as we’ll give our teachers first option to purchase these.
4. Sorry, no dvds, activity books, coloring books, workbooks,  or adult books. Remember, we are selling to kids in grades K – 5. Please keep this in mind when you begin to send in books.

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You Haven’t Joined the Crew?!

Are you a member of the Crew?  If not, you should be (really!).

The TIMA Crew is the parent-teacher-volunteer group that promotes school spirit and hosts fundraisers thoughout the year.  If you boogied at the Sweetheart Dance, filled up at the Pancake Breakfast, and studied all year to compete in the Spelling Bee, you supported a Crew event.  And, without YOU, none of this is possible.

What do we fundraise for?  Every year, the board members of the Crew learn from Mr. Rossiter (our awesome TIMA Principal) what our students and teachers are in need of.  This year, it is our goal to help upgrade and replace our teachers’ computers, and raise $10,000.  And, we DEFINATLY can not do this with out you.


It is our desire to have all TIMA families as Crew members.  Do you have a talent for graphic design?  Are you an awesome community organizer?  Perhaps you want to do something low key like pass out flyers to area businesses?  Maybe you can spare a weekend or two to volunteer for an event?  Heck, even if you throw money at us, that’s helping too.  We want EVERY family to join.

AND……as a little incentive, we will give the first homeroom class, that reaches 100% representation in the Crew, an ice cream sundae party!  Any class that reaches 100% representation afterwards will receive a popsicle party.

Help your child’s class!  Help us!  Click here for the Family Membership form and submit it to your child’s teacher or the front office.  One Membership covers the entire family (suggested contribution of $10/family).  Deadline is September 1st.

Eclipse Fun

By no doubt you’ve heard the news that on Monday, August 21, the contiguous United States will be able to view a Total Solar Eclipse.  According to NASA, the last total solar eclipse that passed through our country was on Feb. 26, 1979, and the next one (an Annular Solar Eclipse) will be on October 14, 2023.  Our region will be directly impacted (with 97% obscurity expected in Chatham County).

And, by no doubt, you’ve heard the news that school will be closed that day, (read the school board’s announcement here), creating feelings ranging from relief, (safety first), to panic (emergency child care plan!).

The TIMA Crew understands and wants to help.  So, here are a few tips that will make this experience the best.

Go to the science experts:

National Weather Service – you can find an interactive Path of Totality Map, Eclipse Countdown, Safety Information and more.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – is a great resource where you can find local events, learn about the science related to eclipses, and fun activities (to name a few features).

Download this app:

Solar Eclipse Timer – has some pretty cool features including a “Partial Phase Sequence” that gives you a timed listing of when specific phases will be occuring at your exact location.

Laugh throughout the day: – Which parent doesn’t like kid-friendly jokes.  You’re kids will like them, too.

Do you have any other great eclipse-related resources?  Be sure to share them in the comments.

Also, remember to practice proper eye safety during the eclipse.  We’ll see everyone at school on Tuesday!