The TIMA CREW a Parent Teacher Volunteer Association (PTVA) fundraising group that supports Tybee Island Maritime Academy (TIMA).  The CREW’s mission is simple: to provide opportunities for families to engage with the TIMA community and help raise funds to help the school’s educators create more meaningful experiences for its students. Activities are enabled through membership, financial support, and volunteer participation.


2017-18 Crew

Susie Glauner – President,  Amanda Wilder – Vice President (2017),  Cindy Pederson – Secretary,  Meridith Bucklin – Treasure,  Jennifer Benson – Events,  Katy Schubert – Fundraising,  Jenifer Suarez – Membership,  Tara Kelsey – Web & Social Media & Vice President (2018),  Noel Ingram – Teacher Liaison,  Sara Healey-Mitchell – Governing Board Liaison

2016-17 Crew

Jennifer Turner – President,  Lizzie Kronsberg – Vice President,  Misty Hughes – Secretary & Membership,  Rory Coyle – Treasurer,  Susie Glauner – Events,  Kellie Jenkins – Fundraising

2015-16 Crew

Rory Coyle – President,  Julie Gibson – Vice President,  Amanda Wilder – Secretary & Membership,  Shanna Flynn – Treasure,  Wendy Berkovitz – Events,  Lizzie Kronsberg – Fundraising,  Brenda Marion – Governing Board Liaison

2014-15 Crew

Rory Coyle – President,  Angela Morris – Vice President,  Rhonda Jones – Treasure,  Jan Womble – Events,  Lizzie Krongsburg- Fundraising,  Erin Flannigan – Membership,  Brenda Marion – Governing Board Liaison

2013-14 Crew (Inaugural Year)