• Welcome to the TIMA CREW webpage!


The 2018-19 TIMA CREW is preparing to set sail into a new year of fun and learning!  Our calendar will be full of activities that will allow our students and families to shine and show their school spirit!   Please check back soon for updates!

Our mission is simple: to provide opportunities for families to engage with the school community and help raise funds to help our school’s educators create more meaningful experiences for our students.  Your membership, support, and participation will help us get there!

Use this site to find information about CREW sponsored events as well as resources for parents and classroom volunteers. And, if you’d like to join and help support our Crew, fill out the Family Membership form!  You can help by volunteering your time, talent or generosity.

Maintaining an open-door communication policy is very important to us.  If you have ideas, compliments, or concerns, please let us know!  E-mail us at timacrew31328@gmail.com.

Thank you!